VOICES: UK Dark Avant Sound Contortionists To Release London Full-Length In North America

UK dark avant sound contortionists, VOICES, will release their sophomore full-length, London, in North America next month, Jan 27th. London will be released in North America via Candlelight Records on January 27th, 2015. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION. Tracked at Hackney Studios, the offering delivers fourteen bastardized tracks of progressive blackened psychedelic melancholia centered on the forgotten and diseased underbelly of England’s capital city.



Comments the band, “VOICES invites listeners to join them walk through the cold streets of South London. London is represented in a manner that few can admit or stomach, and we hope to show the world our negative journey through this urban and hostile landscape.

Featuring former members of Akercocke and My Dying Bride, VOICES manifests perfectly imperfect sounds to welcome the end of creation, the extinction of the human, the collapse of music as we once knew. 

VOICES was formed in London in 2011 as a new experiment from guitarist/vocalist Peter Benjamin, drummer David Gray and bassist Sam Loynes (all former members of Akercocke) with a mission to create a deep brand of cold and confronting music, part hypnotic yet often disturbing, focusing from an avant-garde take upon black metal, whilst always striving to explore a wide musical spectrum.

London Track Listing:

1. Suicide Note

2. Music for the Recently Bereaved

3. The Actress

4. Vicarious Lover

5. Megan

6. Imaginary Sketches of a Poisoned Man

7. The Antidote

8. The FuckTrance

9. Hourglass

10. The House of Black Light

11. The Final Portrait of the Artist

12. Last Train Victoria Line

13. The Ultimate Narcissist

14.Cold Harbour Lane




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