The ReAktion Release “Synchro” Music Video

Chile based Alternative Rock band The ReAktion have released their “Synchro” music video.

The track comes from The ReAktion’s upcoming album “SELKNAM” which was produced by Gggarth.  The album will be released on October 21st via Mainia Recordings.

The ReAktion at this year’s KnotFest on October 25th in San Bernardino, California.

Synchro is about how we are all connected, we are all one. We need to find one path, one way, one love. Love is all you need to find yourself. And everybody on earth is pure energy, we are all the same, no races, no countries. No more sick societies. If we could really love and respect each other, then we will find the end of wars, competitions, all fighting or dying for.

I am Because we are one. - Simon, The Reaktion

Pre-order Selknam on iTunesGooglePlay, or for a physical CD through Mainia Recordings!


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