Soilwork to release 10th studio album



The Swedish band has released the making of the new album. They keep going strong after 20 years in the scene.

 The meaning of Soilwork means “working from the ground up”. What comes with a new album, comes a lot of touring.


Aug 01 Karlslundsfestivalenw/ Thundermother, D…  Bollnas, Sweden Tickets
Aug 07 Jurassic Rock Festw/ The Offspring, H… Mikkeli, Finland Tickets
Aug 21 Octopode Festivalw/ Crucified Barbar… Geneva, Switzerland
Sep 18 Metal Hammer Awardsw/ Within Temptatio… Berlin, Germany Tickets
Sep 30 Fonda Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Oct 01 Regency Ballroomw/ Soulfly, Decapit… San Francisco, CA Tickets
Oct 02 Hawthorne Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Portland, OR Tickets
Oct 03 Studio Sevenw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Seattle, WA Tickets
Oct 04 Rickshaw Theatrew/ Soulfly, Decapit… Vancouver, Canada Tickets
Oct 06 Level Nightclubw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Kelowna, Canada Tickets
Oct 07 Starlite Roomw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Edmonton, Canada Tickets
Oct 08 O’Brian’s Event Centrew/ Soulfly, Decapit… Saskatoon, Canada Tickets
Oct 09 The Park Theatrew/ Soulfly, Decapit… Winnipeg, MB Tickets
Oct 10 Skyway Theatrew/ Soulfly, Decapit… Minneapolis, MN Tickets
Oct 11 Mojoesw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Joliet, IL Tickets
Oct 12 Val Air Ballroomw/ Soulfly, Decapit… West Des Moines, IA Tickets
Oct 13 Agora Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Cleveland, OH Tickets
Oct 14 The Opera Housew/ Soulfly, Decapit… Toronto, Canada Tickets
Oct 15 Corona Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Montreal, Canada Tickets
Oct 18 The Northland Performing Arts Centerw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Columbus, OH Tickets
Oct 19 Crofoot Ballroomw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Pontiac, MI Tickets
Oct 20 Gramercy Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… New York, NY Tickets
Oct 21 Ottobarw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Baltimore, MD Tickets
Oct 22 The Internationalw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Knoxville, TN Tickets
Oct 23 The Masqueradew/ Soulfly, Decapit… Atlanta, GA Tickets
Oct 24 Culture Roomw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets
Oct 25 State Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Saint Petersburg, FL Tickets
Oct 27 Scout Barw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Houston, TX Tickets
Oct 28 Empire Control Roomw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Austin, TX Tickets
Oct 29 Gas Monkeyw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Dallas, TX Tickets
Oct 30 Sunshine Theaterw/ Soulfly, Decapit… Albuquerque, NM Tickets
Oct 31 Club Red Theaters Mesa, AZ Tickets
Nov 01 Brick By Brickw/ Decapitated, Sha… San Diego, CA Tickets
Nov 27 KBw/ Hatesphere Malmö, Sweden Tickets
Nov 28 X-Herfordw/ Hatesphere Herford, Germany Tickets
Nov 29 Kufaw/ Hatesphere Lyss, Switzerland Tickets
Nov 30 Port Francw/ Hatesphere Sion, Switzerland Tickets
Dec 01 Colonyw/ Hatesphere Brescia, Italy Tickets
Dec 02 Backstagew/ Hatesphere Munich, Germany Tickets
Dec 03 Schlachthofw/ Hatesphere Wiesbaden, Germany Tickets
Dec 04 Hellraiserw/ Hatesphere Leipzig, Germany Tickets
Dec 05 Winter Basinfire Festw/ Hatesphere Pilsen, Czech Republic
Dec 06 Bi Nuuw/ Hatesphere Berlin, Germany Tickets
Dec 07 Logow/ Hatesphere Hamburg, Germany Tickets
Dec 08 Luxorw/ Hatesphere Cologne, Germany Tickets
Dec 10 013w/ Hatesphere Tilburg, Netherlands Tickets
Dec 11 Biebobw/ Hatesphere Vosselaar, Belgium Tickets
Dec 12 Les Trinitairesw/ Hatesphere, ARCANIA Metz, France Tickets
Dec 13 4 ECLUSESw/ Hatesphere Dunkirk, France Tickets
Dec 14 Le Trabendow/ Hatesphere Paris, France Tickets
Dec 15 Antipode Mjcw/ Hatesphere Rennes, France Tickets
Dec 16 Le Rocher de Palmerw/ Hatesphere Cenon, France Tickets
Dec 17 Chato’dow/ Hatesphere Blois, France Tickets
Dec 18 CENTRE CULTUREL JOHN LENNONw/ Hatesphere, T.A.N.K Limoges, France Tickets
Dec 19 Centre Culturel Oecuméniquew/ Hatesphere, T.A.N.K Villeurbanne, France Tickets /

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