Review of Pistol Shot Gypsy’s CD Release Party (Updated 6/26/13)

556975_404451349582637_1061655245_nPete Rock picked me up and we headed through the hood towards The Met, now a part of the Hope Artist Village, in Pawtucket, RI. Even got to see someone get arrested. The Met used to be on Westminster in Downtown Providence, RI. You can get some free Pistol Shot Gypsy songs by going to their website:

Upon arrival to The Met, we noticed Pistol Shot Gypsy starting to load in their gear. Being the Zealots that we both are, Pete and I gave them a hand.

We hung out for about 30 minutes while PSG set up for sound check, and Pete Rock played the supervisor role jokingly. We also met up with our new friends at and exchanged kind words. Members of Dog Day Afternoon and Echoes of Petra loaded in, as well as Pistol Shot Gypsy’s manager Peter Thompson local scene photographer Lisa Gourley and her growing collection of cameras around her neck arrived.

Pistol Shot Gypsy

Around 7:40PM, Pistol Shot Gypsy opens up for sound check with their Stix n Stones from their newly released album “Better Late Than Never”. After some adjustments they move straight into Luv Junky, a song that was in limbo between their last album pressed out 5 years ago and this new album. You could say Luv Junky even though being the last song on the album was the first to be recorded.


After sound check we went into the back stage area and hung out with Pistol Shot Gypsy and Echoes of Petra. Our buddy Maze Matthews performed a video interview with James of Pistol Shot Gypsy and Jodi of Echoes of Petra. After Maze Matthews interview, Pete Rock and I performed an audio interview with the entire band of Pistol Shot Gypsy. The interview went well, and we covered both their old album, life in the band, and their new album. When asked which song means the most to them as a band, Ron replied that God’s Own Hand, one of the tracks on the new album, “Better Late Than Never”, meant a lot to him personally.

Soon enough came 8:30 PM and Michael Spaulding, once a guitar player for the Boston hard core band Stoic, took the stage as a solo artist. On our way out from back stage to the main area, I headed over to the bar to get a drink and noticed the song Sober by Tool being performed. I thought for a little while that it was a recording coming from the house system, but nope! Michael Spaulding was on stage performing Sober by Tool and man did it sound great! He played a few covers and some original work. Once Michael Spaulding got off stage, I approached him and he instantly recognized me from the old days of Stoic. You can find out more information about Michael Spaulding through his Facebook page at


Like clockwork, Providence, Rhode Island’s own three piece band, Dog Day Afternoon hit the stage at 9:30 PM. They played mostly original, bluesy and The Doors type music. They where very good and put on a great performance. You can find more information about them at

292269_294595570629506_598904691_nEchoes of Petra hit the stage at 10:30 PM. The floor filled up and bar area emptied quickly. The five piece band completely ripped up the stage with each hard rock driving song and Jodi’s siren like vocals. Echoes of Petra will be releasing a new EP later this year. They left the stage with the sample tune of Three 6 Mafia’s hit Ass & Titties. For more information check out

21128_10151479468104735_1124807523_n (1)With the star of the show, Providence, Rhode Island’s own Pistol Shot Gypsy walked onto stage performing a cover of Led Zeppelin’s single hit Whole Lotta Love. After they finished with Whole Lotta Love, they broke into one of their new original songs off of their new album, “Better Late Than Never”, track Stix n Stones and then into God’s Own Hand. After a very loud applause, Ron Travis thanked all the bands, sponsors and special guests of the night. Pistol Shot Gypsy then broke into another song off of their new album titled Joke. The crowd to chant the word Ronnie thanked all the bands wives and girlfriends, and thanked Pete Rock, GigZealot and Then broke into another track off of their new album titled Hey Man.

64223_10151406726059735_2098582186_nAfter Pistol Shot Gypsy thanked everyone for coming out and left the stage, the crowd started shouting “One more song!” and after a short while the band hit the stage with a brand new song that will be released on their next album. You can find more information about Pistol Shot Gypsy at PSG on Itunes / Amazon

Old and new friends for Pete Rock and I were united for a great night. We look forward to many more.



Pete Rock & Mantis Photo By: Lisa Gourley

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