RED LINE TRAGEDY Exclusive Interview

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Boston Pete: I’d like to start off thanking you for taking the time to do this.

Band: Absolutely, thanks for talking with us!

Boston Pete: How did the band come to be?

Answer: Mark and Karras were working on a studio project. Frankie and Jason had just ended another project. Mark and Jason had written some really great songs together in the past so phone calls were made and Red Line Tragedy was formed.

Boston Pete: Does the band name have any meaning or how you came to us it?

Answer: Mark really has a penchant for Red. Marks last band was Chemical Red so it just kind of carried over.

Boston Pete: What is the writing process made up of for “Learn to Fly”?

Answer: Mark had six tunes already done. When Frankie and Jason joined we decided to add two songs Mark and Jason had written in the past, and one new one was written.

Boston Pete: The CD comes out Sept 15, are you guys excited or nervous?

Answer: We are all really excited. We really believe in this record we made and are willing to put everything we have behind it. The response has been incredible so far.

Boston Pete: You guys have release the lyric video to the song title track, “Learn To Fly”, what can you tell me about the song?

Answer: It was the first song recorded. Mark was playing his acoustic in the studio and it just kind of developed from there. Actually, the intro is the original acoustic track through an Eleven Rack.

Boston Pete: The band has a few tour dates in September and early October, any plans to tour more that you can talk about?

Answer: We are really fortunate for how quickly things have taken off. We have a tour in the works for November with our friends Screaming For Silence.

Boston Pete: What can people expect from a Red Line Tragedy live show?

Answer: Tons of energy, a lot of dynamics, and hooks galore.

Boston Pete: Anything you learned about being in band or touring that you wished you knew when you guys started off?

Answer: We’ve all been doing this a while actually but we are still learning. We’ve really come to realize how necessary it is to have about a half hour

of PEACE before the show to get your head in the game.

Boston Pete: Any last words for your fans? And best of luck.

Answer: We just can’t wait to traverse the country and see everybody. We really like to hang out and make new friends so we are looking forward to the future.

Sep 24 Riffhouse Pub  Chesapeake, VA
Sep 25 The Wizard Hickory, NC
Sep 26 Broad Street Grill Southern Pines, NC
Sep 27 2015 UCI Road World Championships Richmond, VA
Oct 02 Diane’s Internet Cafe Pittston, PA
Oct 03 Racehorse Tavern Thomasville, PA


Mark Richey-Vocals,Guitar/// Jason Fubler-Guitar///

Frank Hernandez-Bass, Vocals/// Karras Johnson-Drums,Percussion


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