PISTOL SHOT GYPSY (CD Release!) (Updated: 6/15/13)

Pistol Shot Gypsy

By: Boston Pete Rock

The long awaited Pistol Shot Gypsy CD is coming & the party is set.
Going down Sat, June 22 at 8 pm / THE MET in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Tickets are on sale for $10 plus fees at Etix, but I HIGHLY suggest supporting the local bands & buy your tickets from them.
I asked some of the guys their thoughts on the CD, and get their insight on the process.
  • Boom Bots – Drums:  ”Cool my thoughts on the new PSG album is that the reason it took awhile is because we wanted it to be perfect. Think of when you put in a led zeppelin CD you never skip a song and that’s what we want for our fans. We want this album to reach and be loved by all ears. Music can be written in any form, but you have to have a true love for your songs and you’ll get that from your fans as well. The first PSG album was incredible, a great rock n roll CD for all ears. This new album brings the same, but at the same time there has been a lot more influences making this CD. Every member in PSG has a wide range in taste of music and we bring that all together in this album. It’s not about losing your style or changing your sound, its about what comes together with all the members to make our songs the way we like them and hoping the fans do to as well. Every album will have a different sound to it because life is about change and we want our fans to always be happy when we put out an album because they know it will be a different sound every time and that keeps them open to change. Thanks for the time to let me talk about the new Pistol Shot Gypsy album we are very excited for our release show June 22 at the Met Cafe and for PSG to keep you updated on news and tours you can visit www.pistolshotgypsy.com keep them hands up high thank you Stevie “
  • Jeff ( Guitar): “I’m super pumped!!! We are shooting for tours, already have a bunch of new material for new releases. Big things are happening with PSG! Check out the new website www.pistolshotgypsy.com“.
Pistol Shot Gypsy is
Ron – Vocals
Jeff – Guitar
Steve “Newstead” – Guitar
James – Bass
Stevie “Boom Bots” – Drums (Newly Married Boom Bots. Congrats!!!)
Check out their new Website / Facebook
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