PIGS: “Wronger” Second LP From NYC Rock Trio

PIGS was founded by three raging New York City musicians known for their other musical creations. PIGS – guitarist/vocalist Dave Curran (Unsane), drummer Jim Paradise (Player’s Club, Freshkills, Hellno) and bassist Andrew Schneider (Translator Audio Studios) — as Solar Flare Records prepares for its unleashing this Friday. It is the follow up to 2012′s “You Ruin Everything”, their debut LP, and subsequent “Gaffe” EP in 2013.

 Wronger was produced by the band and John Fulk at Schneider’s co-owned Translator Audio in Coney Island, after which it was mixed at Loho Studios by Schneider, mastered by Carl Saff and fitted with artwork by Curran and Paradise.

PIGS European Tour w/ Sofy Major:
10/15/2015 Power Lunches – Londres, FR
10/16/2015 Le Picolo – Paris, FR
10/17/2015 La Zone – Liège, FR
10/18/2015 Café Français – Vesoul, FR
10/21/2015 Sonic Ballroom – Cologne, DE
10/22/2015 La Péniche – Lille, FR
10/23/2015 Poppodium Baroe – Rotterdam, NL
10/24/2015 Magasin 4 – Bruxelles, BE
10/25/2015 L’Usine – Geneva, CH
10/26/2015 Exit Us – Prague, CZ
10/27/2015 Fluc – Vienna, AU
10/28/2015 Freakout Club – Bologna, IT
10/29/2015 Init – Rome, IT
10/30/2015 Raindogs House – Savona, IT
10/31/2015 Lo Fi – Milan, IT w/ Mutoid Man
11/03/2015 La Scène Michelet – Nantes, FR
11/04/2015 Black Sheep – Montpellier, FR
11/05/2015 Grrrd Zero – Lyon, FR
11/06/2015 La Girafe Ronde – Marvejols, FR
11/07/2015 Gare Mondiale – Bergerac, FR
11/09/2015 La Coopérative de Mai – Clermont-Ferrand, FR
11/10/2015 Iboat – Bordeaux, FR
11/11/2015 Pavillons Sauvages – Toulouse, FR
11/12/2015 Grand Café – Poitiers, FR
11/13/2015 Kalif – Rouen, FR
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