Pete Seddon, Jr. aka Pete Rock


Peter Seddon, Jr. aka Boston Pete Rock. Born and raised in the Dorchester section of Boston, Ma. Came to use the nickname Pete Rock at the Boys n Girls Club in Dorchester about 1985 as some said: “Look at Pete with the Rock”, there for Pete Rock.

Co-Owner of & Booking Agent for Rock Karma Promotions.

Pete Rock has been promoting local shows in the New England area since 2000. In the early 2000′s he promoted shows, booked his own events, band/tour manager for TUNG, and a booking agent for several bands (Room w/a View, Routine 8, and Red Right Hand). He has booked shows from NH, NY, CT, MA, and RI.

Around 2002-2003, Pete joined up with Mantis and Nina as part of Gig Dates Network. A social website for real fans of music. Pete promoted shows, CD reviews (How he found Flogging Molly!), live show reviews, concert photo’s, and band interviews.

Pete has booked the likes of Five Bolt Main (Chris Volz: x-Flaw), Michael Graves (x-Misfits), Trashlight Vision (Acey Slade: x-Dope, x-Murder Dolls), Shootyz Grove, Element Eighty, Thy Will Be Done, Accidental Experiment (Marcos of P.O.D), and many many more.

Pete’s favorite venue is Kc’s Tap / Cat’s in Pawtucket, RI. So much so, he ended up working there for 8 year’s. He did it for so long for the love of the music and 2 of the best owners you could be around. Even though he no longer works there, he still loves the place and helps with their Facebook page. It is the current host location for his Pete Rock of Rock Karma Promotions Event’s. 

After a much need break of 2 years, he is back booking shows and has join Rock Karma Promotions, and more recently has team up again with his good friend Michael Sheldon, Jr. AKA Mantis to join GigZealot.

Can find me on Twitter at BostonPeteRock

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Pete Rock Photo by Lisa Gourley


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