Pete Rock’s Top 6 Albums of 2013

I was not planning on doing this, but figured why not. So these are my top 6 albums of 2013 off the top of my head.

1. Gemini Syndrome:  ”Lux” : “Warner Bros Records

This CD hits on all levels of Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal. Saw them live, and they did an outstanding job without their singer due to illness. Most bands would have canceled, but they pushed through. Very glad they did. With singles like: “Pleasure and Pain”, “Basement”, “Stardust”, and more. Great up and coming band to keep your eye on. This is one  of those rare CD’s you can really just put it in, press play, and walk away.

2. Marianas: Forever Her Ghost : Unsigned

This EP is one of the best sounding recorded CD’s you can hear.  You can put the sound quality up against any signed band. Made up of veterans of the local Boston area scene: Danny (Breathe), Stephanie (Murdoc), Justin (Echoes of Petra), Bill (Hope Before The Fall), and Kyle (Hope Before The Fall). Their live show is full of energy and movement on stage. Great band to watch live. You can download their 4 song EP: Here.


3. Bullet For My Valentine:  Temper Temper : RCA

The Welsh heavy metal band, Bullet for My Valentine, return with their 4th studio album. The album is packed with songs like: “Temper Temper”, “Tears Don’t Fall Part 2″, “Riot”, “Breaking Point”, and more. The songs fit the sound the band has come to be known by.  The band first caught my attention will the start up to their song “Your Betrayal”, and I am glad I heard it.

4. Butcher Babies: Goliath :  Century Media Records

The two headed monster known as the Butch Babies is stacked with duo lead vocals by Heidi & Carla. They are backed by Henry Flury (GUITAR), Jason Klein (BASS), and Chrissy Warner (DRUMS). Heidi has that death growl scream that can go up against anyone. Carla is more the spoken word, clean vocals, and some scream style. They band has been really busy in 2013 with tours with Manson, Otep, Danzig, Mayhem Fest, and more. The band is set to tour the 2nd leg of the Hellpop Tour with In This Moment, All Hail The Yeti, and Devour The Day.

5. Kill Devil Hill: Revolution Rise : Century Media Records

Kill Devil Hill features heavy weights Rex Brown (Pantera, x-Down) & Vinny Appice.  The album is another one of those albums you can put on and listen to the whole thing. It may not be stacked with amazing chart topping singles, but they are good enough to listen to the whole thing which is very rare these days. They kind of a mix of hard rock with a touch of southern rock to give the songs different feel instead of all the songs sounding the same.

6. Dropkick Murphy’s: Signed and Sealed in Blood : Born & Bred Records

The Boston Irish Punk band is back with their 8th studio album, which debuted at #9 on the billboard charts. The band stepped up after the Boston Marathon to help raise over $100,000 to help the victims. While not all the songs are the normal Irish Punk Rock we are  used to, but Rose Tattoo just speaks to me. The band re-recorded Rose Tattoo with the legend Bruce Springsteen as part of their 3 song EP to continue to fundraiser with the legend Bruce Springsteen. Also check out: “The Boys Are Back” (Filmed at Pete Welch Gym in South Boston, Ma), “Out of our Heads”, and more.

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