NEXT TO NONE debut “A Light in the Dark” out NOW!

InsideOut Music is proud to partner with Radiant Records for the North American Next to None pre-order! Due for release June 30th, ‘A Light in the Dark’ is Next to None’s debut album.  Merging modern aggression with considerable melodic depth and multi-part arrangements.

The album features guest appearances by Bumblefoot (Guns N’ Roses) & Neal Morse, and was produced by Mike Portnoy.

“If you want something to bang your head to, this is it.” The Prog Report

“At the time [I wrote the lyrics] it seemed like every day there was a different person going crazy somewhere and shooting up a building or whatever, and I would ask my self ‘Why does this keep happening? What was that person thinking? What led them to do this?’ So I tried to put myself in this person’s head. I created a character and started from the aftermath of the event, which is where we first hear about it in the news.” Of the song’s extended arrangement, he says, “It took us months to write this song and then months to learn it. We had a big dry erase board that we used to chart out all the parts with the time signatures until we had them memorized.”

A Light in the Dark track list:

1. The Edge Of Sanity (9:39)
2. You Are Not Me (4:55)
3. Runaway (4:58)
4. A Lonely Walk (5:31)
5. Control (9:58)
6. Lost (6:12)
7. Social Anxiety (3:44)
8. Legacy (3:56)
9. Blood On My Hands (8:14)

Next To None online:

Members: Thomas Cucé, Ryland Holland, Max Portnoy, Kris

 Members: Thomas Cucé, Ryland Holland, Max Portnoy, Kris Rank


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