New single from Blue Stahli, “Not Over Til We Say So.” feat Emma of Sick Puppies

Blue Stahli CD flyer

Detroit-based electronic rock wizard Blue Stahli has returned with the release of his thrashing new single, “Not Over Til We Say So.” The song, which features Emma Anzai ofSick Puppies on bass and backing vocals. This latest single from Blue Stahli comes directly off of his upcoming sophomore LP, The Devil.

“‘Not Over Til We Say So’ is pretty much what Blue Stahli is all about — taking a bunch of disparate genres and smashing ‘em all together into a cohesive track,” said Blue Stahli. “In the overall electronic rock umbrella of this song, it jumps from thrash metal to glitch hop to straight up pop with catchy vocal hooks galore.”

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