My Interview with Tim D’onofrio of From Ashes To New

Boston Pete: I like to start off by thanking you for taking the time out to answer a few questions for us. It means a lot.
Not a problem man, thank YOU!
Boston Pete: How did the band come together? And how long has the band been around?
 Well we’re almost at our 2 year mark now. It all came together when Matt stated writing the material that would turn out be the songs on our original EP with Musser. This wasn’t even supposed to be a band, Matt just tried his hand at writing some music that he wanted to hear and then it started taking off when the Octane station on Sirius radio picked up the song “My Fight” and then all the sudden it was like, “oh wow, I guess we need to get a band together!”. We all knew each other from playing in bands together in our previous local bands so everyone that wound up in the band just made sense, ya know? I was the final piece of the puzzle though. Musser and Matt snagged me from another band to come in and play for them when the original guy wasn’t working out.
Boston Pete: “From Ashes to New”, how did you come to use that name.
 It was actually the tail end of a lyric that Matt had written for a previous band that he and Musser were in just before FATN was formed.
Boston Pete: Recently released the album “Downfall”. What was the writing process like?
 Yup, Downfall is our 4-song EP we released as sort of a teaser to the full length album coming later this year (we don’t have a release date just yet). Basically the process was Matt would sit down with Musser or Branden (or both) and they would develop the foundation of each song together. They would get the lyrics or a riff worked out and begin structuring the songs from there. After the foundation was establish the rest of us would fill in the gaps if need be I guess you could say.
Boston Pete: What can you tell us about the why you went with album title, Downfall?
 Well Downfall was the name of the track on the EP that we felt really represented the message we were trying to convey to the fans. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to the fans patiently awaiting new material and that we’re all in this together. If you read the lyrics it’s basically us saying, if you feel alone or like you have no support system then let us and the family that is the FATN community be the ones you can turn to. We are nothing without our fans and we are blown away by the support they show us and each other on social media everyday.
Boston Pete: I checked out the title track (On Youtube, Check it out), and it is very catchy and several different vocal styles. I am really digging it and you guys do it right. How do you choose where certain vocal styles are usedwithin a song?
 Well thanks, man. I appreciate that. I mean really, Matt has an idea of what the part is going to be in his head before he even starts tracking it. You can kind of tell what vocals style will suit what part just by listening to the music.
Boston Pete: You guys are out of Pennsylvania; do you feel any pressure as so many good bands have come out of there? What was it like coming up in that scene?
 I don’t think there’s any real pressure because I don’t think there’s really any expectations of us. Especially since we aren’t really like too many of the bands that have hailed from our area. It was cool playing in that scene, especially when were playing with bands like our good friends in Halestorm before they got signed and blew up in our respective local bands. They kinda showed that you can come from Amish Country, USA and still be able to make it haha. Same with August Burns Red and even though they’re a little north of us, Breaking Benjamin.
Boston Pete: As I write this you guys are out on tour, what are some of the things you are enjoying out there?
 We’ve definitely made some new friends on this tour with P.O.D. and Islander. P.O.D. has been nothing short of amazing to us and believe me it doesn’t go unappreciated! Every night we’re all catching each other’s sets and joining each other on stage so it’s been a lot of fun. We hang out at our merch stand every night too. We love getting to meet new fans and catching up with the ones that have been with us for a while. So when you come and see us live, come say hi after the show at the merch stand. We’ll sign stuff, hang out and take pics with ya. That aspect always a highlight on any tour.
Boston Pete: Of course you probably knew this one was coming, what do you not like about touring?
 Haha I’ll tell ya man, every camp has been through their fair share of vehicle troubles (blown tires, vehicles getting broken into and almost stolen), injuries (I cut my hand and had to get a couple stitches in the webbing between my index finger and thumb on my left hand so that’s made getting through set each night pretty interesting as the drummer) and illnesses (debilitating stomach bugs and flu like symptoms) on this run. It’s been a rough one for all of us but despite getting our collective asses kicked we are all still having fun!
Boston Pete: What are some of the things the band likes to do to kill the down time? As you guys are set to be on the road the next few months to support, “Downfall”?
We try and stay busy, man to be honest. Most of our down time is spent working social media. We’re not in a position where rest is really an option. Getting a band up and running is harder work than it’s ever been so we’ll rest when we’ve reached a point in our career where we feel comfortable…even then some of us probably won’t stop and rest haha.
Boston Pete: Who do/did you look up to when you were getting started?
 Well myself personally, my first favorite band was Korn but Joey Jordison and Slipknot were the reason I decided I wanted to play drums. I didn’t know that drums could be played that way before I heard “(sic)” and “Wait and Bleed”! After that I got really into Trivium’s record Ascendancy and learned it hit for hit. Then I became obsessed with Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s playing on City of Evil which then turned into an obsession with all the band and all their albums. I learned all of their songs hit for hit and made some videos years ago that are still up on YouTube haha.
Boston Pete: What are some of the guilty pleasures songs that people might not expect you to be listening too?
I don’t believe in guilty pleasures man! I think music is meant to be enjoyed in broad strokes. If you enjoy yourself some T-Swift (guilty) then listen to T-Swift! If you wanna get down to some bluegrass after you just got done listening to Of Mice & Men then enjoy! Music is everyone’s opportunity to let your freak flag fly.
Boston Pete: Who are some of the bands you hope to play or tour with someday?
 Of Mice & Men! Haha we all love OM&M so they’re top of the list. Bring Me the Horizon, Bless The Fall, Falling In Reverse, and of course…the almighty A7X!
Boston Pete: What advice would you give a new band starting out, that you wished you knew?
 Man, there’s so much! I think trying to get well versed in the business aspect of the industry is important. There’s more of that aspect than ever before so getting an understand of the ins and outs is important. I have to say too, make sure you can not only pull off your parts live, but be visually entertaining to watch while doing it. Nobody wants to watch someone stand on stage and watch themselves play their instruments haha.
Boston Pete: I would like to thank you again you taking the time to answer these. Be safe on the road.
 Thank you again, Pete! We all appreciate you reaching out to us and helping us “spread the ashes”!

Jul 16 Pop’s Sauget, IL
Jul 17 The Odeon Cleveland, OH
Aug 08 Dirtfest Birch Run, MI
Sep 04 Rupp Arena Lexington, KY
Sep 05 U.S. Bank Arena Cincinnati, OH
Sep 08 Verizon Wireless Center Mankato, MN
Sep 09 The District Sioux Falls, SD  Sep 11 Adams Center Missoula, MT
Sep 12 Xfinity Arena at Everett Everett, WA
Sep 13 Spokane Arena Spokane, WA
Sep 15 Matthew Knight Arena Eugene, OR
Sep 16 Lawlor Events Center Reno, NV
Sep 18 Citizens Business Bank Center Ontario, CA
Sep 19 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV
Sep 20 Maverik Center West Valley City, UT
Sep 22 Broadmoor World Arena Colorado Springs, CO
Sep 24 Independence Events Center Independence, MO
Sep 25 La Crosse Center Arena La Crosse, WI
Sep 27 Mid-America Center Council Bluffs, IA

Sep 29 The Family Arena Saint Charles, MO

Sep 30 Indiana State Fairground Indianapolis, IN
Oct 02 U.S. Cellular Center Cedar Rapids, IA
Oct 03 Huntington Center Toledo, OH
Oct 04 Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica Cleveland, OH
Oct 06 Paul E Tsongas Arena Lowell, MA
Oct 08 Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT
Oct 09 Glens Falls Civic Center Glens Falls, NY
Oct 10 Rock Allegiance Festival Chester, PA


Matt Brandyberry (Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Programming), Chris Musser (Vocals), Dan Kecki (Guitar),

Branden “Boo” Kreider (Guitar/Vocals), Garrett Russell (Bass, Boyish Good Looks), Tim D’onofrio (Drums)


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