My Interview with September of September Mourning

Interview with September of

September Mourning.

Boston Pete: Why and how did you come up with the mourning part of September Mourning?

September: I was trying to come up with a character name that would fit the character we were creating. I want it to feel dark, mystical and a bit quirky. September Mourning encapsulates that in my mind. On a deeper, more personal level, I had lost one of my best friends a few years ago in the month of September. Before he died, he was the one main person in my life who was always supportive in my pursuits as an artist, through the highs and the lows. In a way the name keeps him alive in my mind… an homage of sorts in an abstract way.

Boston Pete: Are the songs based off feelings you may have or had?

September: When the character of September takes a soul, she absorbs every emotion the soul has felt in his or her life. These songs run the gamut of those emotions. I have definitely felt all of them too… from heartbreak and loss to love and joy.

Boston Pete: When or how did you find you could front a band? One of the harder parts to be in a band as you are front and center the whole time.

September: I began performing in front of large audiences at the age of 4. In some ways I am more comfortable on stage than walking down the street. We use the stage in this project as a way of bringing the audience into our world, the world of “Mortem” – where September and her reapers are from.

Boston Pete: Recently you have release, “Children of Fate”, what can you tell me about the song? I know it is about pushing through and fighting, anything more you like to add about the song?

September: The story that propels September Mourning into the music realm is about life and death, love and loss… things that people often feel at the mercy of. As if they are helpless to the ramifications of such actions. I wanted to write a song that would empower us all… that would solidify the idea that your life is in your own hands. Your choices, your decisions. That even though the chips will fall where they may, you have the power to influence and direct them into place. You can become anything and everything you have always wanted to be by just making yourself assertive in your own life and following your passions. You can make your own fate. That being said, the term “Children of Fate” was coined.

Boston Pete: I know you feel your music is more of a theatrical art piece why that route?

September: The project came from a storyline I developed with comic book mogul Marc Silvestri (Top Cow / Image Comics) a year or so before it grew into the musical side. Theatricality and visual art were always a part of this project since the very beginning; I think that’s what makes us unique. Nothing is added onto the band to make it more sell-able. The theatricality is there because it has to be… It has a specific purpose… It’s who I am, heartfelt and authentic.


Boston Pete:  You have a new album coming out this spring, believe your debut? Any nervous feelings? Any title?

September: We are looking to start releasing some of the album in the spring…we are taking a slightly different approach to releasing it. The only feeling I have is excitement. I want to get moving on this project. It’s been a while in the making and our fans have been so patient.

Boston Pete: What was the writing process like?

September: It was interesting. I had a lot of friends that contributed to this album…. Sahaj Tic, John 5,  the Matrix, Howard Benson, Linda Perry…. great musicians/ writers/ producers that brought out different sides of my artistic self.

Boston Pete: What do you hope people take from the song and album?

September: I hope it moves them emotionally… that it gives them hope and courage to feel. In such a technology driven world as the one we live in today, it can sometimes feel cold and sterile out there. We want to bring back color, fantasy and emotion to the listeners’ world…. let them know it is ok to feel, to dream, to create.

Boston Pete: You recorded with Howard Benson who has worked with some fine bands, how was the working process like?

September: Howard brought a different perspective of what the songs should be, and his way of recording and editing them – each producer does this in his or her own way. He has worked on many albums in his career and has a very unique and specific take on how to make albums.

Boston Pete:  Did you learn some new things with Howard?

September: Yes. Every experience in the studio with someone, no matter how big or small that person might be in terms of success, will teach you something. You just have to be open to learning.

Boston Pete: What are some tips you can give a young band that is getting close to going into the studio?

September: If you have a vision of your music…. If you have a direction to your music… don’t stray. Stay focused on your sound. It should grow from your demos into a fuller sound. Maintain your gut feeling about where you should take that sound.

Boston Pete: Do you have any tour plans?

September: Yes! In the immediate future we will be on the road in April doing warm up shows before we play Rock on The Range and Atlantic City Comic Con in May.

Boston Pete:  Any tips to bands to help kill time on the road?

September: The game Monster hunter is the newest obsession with us reapers.

Boston Pete: If you could take 1 thing on the road with you, what would it be?

September:  My big stuffed Panda Bear… I take him everywhere. He makes a great pillow.

Boston Pete:  Lastly, how did the band line up come together?

September: There are only a select few Reapers in the world of Mortem who have the expertise we need to create this project. Some came from different walks of life, different musical backgrounds…. I guess you could say Fate brought us together. Haha!


Members: September, Riven, Wraith, Shadou, Stitch



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