My Interview with Sal of Sworn Enemy

Sworn Enemy – “No Mercy ” taken from “Living on Borrowed Time” (Released May 13, 2014)

Boston Pete Interview with Sal of Sworn Enemy

Boston Pete: I’d like to start off by thanking you taking the time during the “No Mercy No Surrender Tour”

Sworn Enemy: no worries pete its our pleasure

Boston Pete: How is the tour going?

Sworn Enemy: so far so good we been kicking some serious ass every night as well as all the other bands on this tour

Boston Pete: Any highlights from the tour that stand out so far?

Sworn Enemy: id guess the austin independence fest would be the high light so far … getting to play with cavalera conspiracy and death angel was pretty awesome

Boston Pete: What are some of the things you like to do on down time while on the road? You know to kill time or kill time on long drives?

Sworn Enemy: when we aren’t driving we been getting together with everyone and playing frisbee. mostly everyone gets some internet time when we get to the clubs and lots of texting i see everyone with phones in hand all day long lol

Boston Pete: How was it coming up in the New York Hardcore Scene? So many great bands have come out of the NYHC?

Sworn Enemy: we can say that we have been very blessed to grow up in NY and get the chance to see all the great bands that have come out of NY as well as all the bands from around the country who come on tour to NY. definitely one of the best spots to play and see shows

Boston Pete: If my memory still works, you guys didn’t start off as Sworn Enemy. If true how’d you come to use it?

Sworn Enemy: we went through a few different names to be honest but none work like how sworn enemy does. its a brutal name and very easy to remember. we put our tho king caps on and with the help of jamey jasta we came up with sworn enemy

Boston Pete: You guys started around ’97, rear for band to make it that long. What do you think keeps it going? Industry has changed a lot over that time.

Sworn Enemy: its just the desire to play that keeps us going .. god knows i don’t do it for the money cause i would have quit a long time ago lol

Boston Pete: Any tips to newer bands to help them last longer? Tour tips or something you wished you knew when starting out?

Sworn Enemy: trust your own instinct and make sure you never trust anyone in the industry they are all out to screw you lol

Boston Pete: The band’s latest CD, “Living on Borrowed Time”, came out in 2014. What can you tell me about the album’s title?

Sworn Enemy: it basically is about the band. for a while i wasn’t sure what i was gonna do whether i was gonna quit or not so right now you can say the band is “Living on borrowed time”


Boston Pete: How does the writing process go for you guys?

Sworn Enemy: we all get together in our rehearsal space and start jamming out till we hear some shit that we all like and go from there

Boston Pete: Any plans after the No Mercy No Surrender Tour” that you can talk about?

Sworn Enemy: just gonna take time to write a new record

Boston Pete: Any last words to your fans?

Sworn Enemy: go pick up our new record “Living on borrowed time” and come out to “No mercy, No surrender tour”

Boston Pete: Again, thank you for taking the time to speak to us.

thanks a lot pete - Sal



Sal Lococo- Vocals Jeff Cummings- Guitar Matt Garzilli- Guitar

Mike Pucciarelli- Bass Taykwuan Jackson- Drums


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