My Current Guilty Pleasure: What If I Was Nothing by All That Remains

I have a wide range of music taste. First few times I heard “What If I Was Nothing” I could not care for it. Some how after seeing them live a few times and seeing it performed I gave it another listen. Now I can’t stop listening to it. Check it out for yourself if you have not. And an undercover hottie in rock bassist Jeanne Sagane as my current #WCW #womencrushwednesday. Guitars solos are great, Oli put’s energy into what he is playing. Seen it in video and just as true live.

All That Remains

Date Venue Location
Feb 18 TOP DECK Farmington, NM Tickets
Feb 20 The Canyonw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Agoura Hills, CA Tickets
Feb 21 Rialto Theatrew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Tucson, AZ Tickets
Feb 22 House of Bluesw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Feb 23 House Of Bluesw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR San Diego, CA Tickets
Feb 25 The Complexw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Salt Lake City, UT Tickets
Feb 27 The Catalystw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Santa Cruz, CA Tickets
Feb 28 Senator Theatrew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Chico, CA Tickets
Mar 01 Ace of Spadesw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Sacramento, CA Tickets
Mar 03 The Wilma Theatrew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Missoula, MT Tickets
Mar 04 Knitting Factory Concert Housew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Spokane, WA Tickets
Mar 05 Knitting Factory Concert Housew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Boise, ID Tickets
Mar 06 Roseland Theaterw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Portland, OR Tickets
Mar 07 Showbox SoDow/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Seattle, WA Tickets
Mar 09 Vogue Theaterw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Vancouver, Canada Tickets
Mar 10 Level Nightclubw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Kelowna, Canada Tickets
Mar 12 Encorew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Edmonton, Canada Tickets
Mar 13 Flames Centralw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Calgary, Canada Tickets
Mar 14 O’Brian’s Event Centrew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Saskatoon, Canada Tickets
Mar 15 The Garrick Centrew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Winnipeg, Canada Tickets
Mar 16 Bismarck Civic Centerw/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Bismarck, ND Tickets
Mar 18 The Ravew/ In Flames, WOVENWAR Milwaukee, WI Tickets
Mar 20 Oddbody’s Music Room Dayton, OH Tickets
Mar 21 Machine Shop Flint, MI Tickets
Apr 11 Quail Run Park Mesa, AZ Tickets
Apr 26 Welcome to Rockville Festival Jacksonville, United States Of America Tickets
Apr 27 Culture Roomw/ In Flames, Perip… Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets
Apr 28 The Ritz Yborw/ In Flames, Perip… Tampa, FL Tickets
May 01 Pop’s Nightclubw/ In Flames, Perip… Saint Louis, MO Tickets
May 02 Marathon Music Worksw/ In Flames, Perip… Nashville, TN Tickets
May 04 The Nationalw/ In Flames, Perip… Richmond, VA Tickets
May 06 The Emporiumw/ In Flames, Perip… Patchogue, NY Tickets
May 07 Starland Ballroomw/ In Flames, Perip… Sayreville, NJ Tickets
May 08 Webster Theaterw/ In Flames, Perip… Hartford, CT Tickets
May 09 Rise Above Fest Bangor, ME Tickets
May 10 Upstate Concert Hallw/ In Flames, Perip… Clifton Park, NY Tickets
May 12 Imperialw/ In Flames, Perip… Quebec City, Canada Tickets
May 13 London Music Hallw/ In Flames, Perip… London, Canada Tickets
May 14 Stage AEw/ In Flames, Perip… Pittsburgh, PA Tickets
May 15 The Town Ballroomw/ In Flames, Perip… Buffalo, NY Tickets
May 18 Reverbw/ In Flames, Perip… Reading, PA Tickets
May 20 Yolo Event Centerw/ In Flames, Perip… Fort Wayne, IN Tickets
May 21 Mojoesw/ In Flames, Perip… Joliet, IL Tickets
May 22 Wooly’sw/ In Flames, Perip… Des Moines, IA Tickets
Jun 05 Rock Am Ring Mendig, Germany Tickets
Jun 06 Rock Im Park Nuremberg, Germany Tickets
Jun 07 Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands Tickets
Jun 10 DE KLINKER Aarschot, Belgium Tickets
Jun 12 Download Festival Derby, United Kingdom Tickets
Jun 14 Nova Rock Nickelsdorf, Austria Tickets

Members: Philip Labonte – vocals Mike Martin – guitar Oli Herbert – guitar

Jeanne Sagan – bass Jason Costa – drums





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