Michael Sheldon Jr. aka Mantis – Founding Editor in Chief

michael-sheldon-jrAs founder of GigZealot and Editor in Chief, Michael Sheldon Jr otherwise known as Mantis has been involved in the local music scene since 1998. When Mantis refeers to the word “local’ he refers mainly to the small unsigned bands not just in his hometown city but in any city in the world.

Attending his first arena concert in 1993 with Garth Brooks on stage and a few years later in the same arena watching Nine Inch Nails from way back, he felt a feeling he had never felt before. That tingly feeling that struck a huge nerve from the base of his skull down his back and to the tips of his toes.

A few years ater Michael attended his first local show at The Living Room in Providence, RI while Godsmack hit the stage. I had never seen such a packed room.

it all really started with his brother Daniel for getting connected with Ian Haggerty of band formerly known as Room With A View for getting started in the music scene.

In 2003 after being a local concert junkie for a few years, Michael was not pleased with the information provided in local independent newspapers so he sought out a solution himself by building a website known at that time as Gig Dates Network. The website took off like a shot and bands and venues from around the world submitted their gigs. GDN renamed open for about 2 years before unforseen circumstances caused it to close it;s doors and regroup. Michael tried many times to revive the site but because of social networking sites such as Facebook, ReverbNation and MySpace it flat-lined.

Michael created GigZealot for the soul intention of the fun of it and so far the results are just as good as GDN was if not better. The whole idea around GZ is the news and stories behind the scenes of the scene and not the calendar dates. Facebook seems to be doing a great job at that so far and he wishes them the best.

After booking and promoting a number of shows and managing a band or two here and there with pretty much good success Michael focus on GigZealot that is truly a fun project.

GigZealot is currently looking for other zealots otherwise known as extreme fans in the music scene.

Are you a Zealot?

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