Korean Fire Drill’s “California Love” (Dr. Dre & Tupac Cover)

Californa based Comedy / Hard Rock band Korean Fire Drill have released music video for their cover of the Dr. Dre & Tupac classic “California Love”. The song comes from the band’s upcoming, self-produced sophomore LP More Badass Than Half Ass, which is set for release on November 29, 2016.

‘More Badass Than Half Ass’ Track List:

1. The Invitation (Skit)
2. Kanye
3. The Joy (Skit)
4. The MF Fox
5. The Rejection (Skit)
6. California Love
7. The Wrath (Skit)
8. Barracuda
9. The Abandonment (Skit)
10. The Bad Touch
11. The Journey (Skit)
12. Forbidden Temples
13. The Accord (Skit)
14. SpidaRackNeeAHH
15. The Redirection (Skit)
16. Austin Texas (The Good, The Bad And The Fkyaaah [Concerto in G & F, and G])
17. The Wrong Direction (Skit)
18. Country Sowng
19. The Celebration (Skit)
20. Scissor Sisters
21. The Gift (Skit)
22. Bitch Box
23. The Chi (Skit)
24. Live Like Us
25. Outta Left Field (Monologue)

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