Interview with J of Thy Will Be Done

I had the chance to interview one of my all time favorite metal front man, J Costa of Thy Will Be Done. I have been a huge fan of J’s for a very long time. He really cares about everyone he talks to, and gives you his full attention. Thy Will Be Done is based out of the Providence, RI area with some ties to Massachusetts.

Thy Will Be Done has had some big success of late with 2 songs of their recent EP, “You, The  Apathy Divine“, reaching the Devils Dozen countdown on Siruis channel Liquid Metal. With the title track, “You, The Apathy Divine”, reaching #1. They also were hand picked to play the very first Metallica’s ”Orion Fest”.

Interview with J of Thy Will Be Done
By Boston Pete Rock

BPR: J, first I like to thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. I know you are very busy, and it means a lot. I have been a fan of your band and yourself for a long time, and it is great to see you guys making some noise.

J: Thank you very much for all the support.

BPR: Your last release, “Temple”, had a couple of songs make the Devil Dozen on Sirius Liquid Metal, how did that feel?

J: Feels amazing! Surreal at times. When “You, The Apathy Divine” debuted on their Top 12 we were stoked. Then, to just watch it climb and actually be their #1 Most Requested Song for 4+ weeks was an absolute dream come true! We got knocked out by the Deftones. haha Which I’m completely fine with. Our song single stayed in the Top 12 for 20+ weeks!! Then our song, “The Great Rebuilding” started climbing the charts as well. Unreal!!

BPR: I heard Jose (Program Director & Host of Liquid Metal / Octane Channels) talk on Liquid Metal about you guys playing his house?

J: Yes. We had a couple days off from the road and he and his wife invited us to their home. We used some of the gear he has in his home studio and we played a Halestorm after party.

BPR: I can not recall who was there, do you remember?

J: The Mangins, Halestorm were there, some of their crew, some SiriusXM folks, some Metal Injection folks, Freddy, the owner of Dingbatz…. The place was PACKED!! Our favorite moments were during our set when Arejay (drummer of Halestorm) was literally moshing and attempted to crowd surf in Jose’s basement. It was RIDICULOUS in the best way possible. Lzzy was taking pictures and headbanging. She had the best line of the night, “Finally, some REAL F##KIN METAL!”

BPR: Any chance he made his so called famous Tacos?

J: Oh, he did! His World Famous Guacamole was the cornerstone of the party and meals!

BPR: Do you get asked often if you are a Christian metal band, because of your band name? I know people were asking that on Liquid Metal Facebook page.

J: haha Yes, ALL the time. It sometimes reaffirms just how narrow-sighted some people can be to assume without knowledge or research. We always tell people to read the bio. Does it say we are on any of our sites? haha If we’re going on names alone can we ask Testament, Exodus, Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, heck even Genesis! haha ALL “biblical names”. There are tons more out there. There is more than the exoteric world. I implore individuals to find their own meanings from my lyrics. While it’s my expression I don’t want to answer for anyone else’s imagination. Let them listen and read, and let them discover for themselves. As a group we encourage personal explorations.

BPR: Temple was a 6 song EP and your first off the bands own label Eye.On Lion Recordings. What was the thinking in starting your own label?

J: Why not? It’s 2013. Its all about life experience. So many people will talk about it, but we like to follow through and be about it. As a band, we’ve always wanted to preserve our expressions as well as the way they reach the listener. It’s important for us to have a fan feel, see, and hear the finished piece as closely to the creative source of energy as possible. Eye.On Lion is a way for us to offer our artistic creations to those who choose to support us and by proxy, excludes a lot of ‘middle-people’. Growing up, I’ve always thought about having my own label and could identify with labels like Dischord that seemed to be doing things from a passionate perspective. I found it inspiring seeing artists like Jack White and Mike Patton, as well as bands like Neurosis, Tool and Clutch whom have decided to blaze their own trail in this ever changing industry. Having worked with Jamey Jasta and his Stillborn label for our first two releases, I was inspired even more to want to maintain the DIY ethos I’ve always had and start this label. Now we can say, “We’ve done that too”.

BPR: Before you guys started your own label, you were on Jasta’s label Stillborn. I imagine it was a good split as you have played several shows with Hatebreed?

J: I Love Jamey!!! His belief in us got us started on this journey. Not only do we consider him Family, but also an inspiration to us.

BPR: Do you think your time on Stillborn really helped you move your career further?

J: Oh, without a doubt! Jamey was the first to go to bat for us. He opened so many doors for us.

BPR: Can we expect another full length CD this or next year?

J: Yes. The EP sets up the next full length. It’s like it’s introduction. The music has been written and we just keep writing.I was telling folks in interviews a couple years ago, but I don’t think they believed me. haha

BPR: How was your recent tour with Shai Hulud?

J: Awesome! Its always a good time with those gents! We’re always in store for great conversation and copious amounts of Indian Food when out with Shai Hulud.

BPR: What advice can you give to a local band starting out trying to get to where you are that you wish you had early on?

J: Well, if they want to be famous, just have no integrity. Wear fashionable clothes and play trendy music and you’ll get further along! hahaha I jest. Or do I? I was blessed to have gotten some great advice. Maybe not to try and balance having a relationship at a young age and save more than what you already are. But, there is definitely advice I did receive that many are missing now. That’s for sure.

BPR: Do you recall when you realized you could front a band?

J: Just something I felt all along I believe. It goes back to lip-syncing Michael Jackson songs at family functions when I was 4. My cousins, aunts and uncles loved it! The next natural progression was learning to play music and sing.

BPR: Do you have any routines to protect your voice and warm up that you would like to share?

J: I get the least amount of sleep out of everyone and can leave myself susceptible to various ailments on the road. We were on tour with Dying Fetus and Origin and I had gotten very ill. We had made a stop in Yonkers and my good friends Jesse and Melissa Leach came out to see us. Once they knew how sick I was, they went home and got all kinds of things to improve my health. Bless their souls. Jesse then showed me some warm ups to help and I’ve been using them ever since. The standard vocal warm ups that I wasn’t doing. hahaha Low hums, keep a scarf handy, practice vocal rest, get rest, eat well, and stay out of smoke-filled venues!

BPR: Thy Will Be Done has had a few line up changes over the years, what do you think it is that keeps driving the band to keep pushing forward?

J: We like making music and playing shows. And there’s something else. We know it. I’m glad you know, but people are starting to find out, there’s something special about this band.

BPR: What can you say about the future of Thy Will Be Done?

J: Who knows? We live in the ‘now’. I mean, who would have known we would be hand-picked by James Hetfield to perform with Metallica. I didn’t know. Did you? If there’s anything we’re displaying is, is this: Don’t underestimate this band, Thy Will Be Done.

Tour Dates

thywillbedone_web3Friday, September 6Met, Pawtucket, RI - Tickets

Doors 7 pm | Show 7:30 pm$8 Advance | $10 Day Of / All Ages




Sat, Sept 7th @Lewiston, ME @ the Androscoggin Bank Colisee


Thy Will Be Done photo’s rights belong to Thy Will Be Done.

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