Interview with Tanner of Solanum

Boston Pete Rock: Thanks Tanner for taking the time to do this.


BPR: How long has Solanum been a band?

Tanner: We’ve been a band since the beginning of 2009. We really had no idea what style we were going to be until mid 2010. Ever since then we’ve been hitting the New England scene and finally looking at the horizon for expansion.

BPR: Why the name Solanum?

Tanner: The name comes from Max Brooks “The Zombie Survival Guide”.  It was the term he used for the actual zombie virus. Fun Fact! After the Flood of 2010 the CDC released on their Internet page a link stating how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Solanum was the name that they declared as the non fiction zombie virus (laughs).

BPR: When did you know you could front a band?

Tanner:  I never really knew. It was just something that kinda happened over time. I just love metal. The only thing I love more than that is actually being on stage with a crowd full of people jamming out to the music Solanum is playing for them!

BPR: You released No Need to Panic, what can you tell us about it?

Tanner:  No Need to Panic is the result of years of work for us. It’s the result of scraping dozens of songs and picking all the heavy hitters to catch the listener’s interest. We love the album as our first real album (aside from the few basement demos we had).  We couldn’t have captured our sound as well as we did without the help of our good friend Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios. If you haven’t heard No Need To Panic, we have it available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Zumies and many more.

Here’s the link to our iTunes page:

BPR: Any new music in the works?

Tanner: We’ve just recently picked up a new drummer (Mike Murnighan) and bassist (Nick Pichette). The other guys and I have not written ANY new music for almost a year up until a couple months ago. What we have coming next will be more intense than we’ve ever brought to the table before. I really can’t wait until the fans here it!!!

BPR: Where can people find you online?

Tanner: Anyone can find us on the following links below or search as on any music page (Spotify, amazon, shazam, Zumies, xbox live, etc..)

BPR: Anything else in the works you like to tell everyone?

Tanner: Get ready for October/November. We will have big shows, new merch, and something much bigger. But I can’t tell that secret yet haha.

Solanum are coming off an excellent performance last week at the Middle East in Cambirdge, Ma with Chimaria, The Browning (WOW), Threat Signal, etc. Keep an eye on these guys for sure.

Pete Rock’s Pictures from:

The Middle East show with Chaimaria: Here

Simon’s 677, Providence, RI: Here

*Photo’s copy right by Solanum, Lee Photography, Pete Rock of Gigzealot, or other parties. Used for promotional use.*

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