Interview with Johnny Plague of Winds of Plaque

Cali Deathcore band, Winds of Plague, are on the verge of releasing their 4th studio album titled, ““Resistance” on Oct, 29 via Century Media Records. Formed in 2002 the band also released one independent album, “A Cold Day In Hell”.

To promote the album the band will be hitting the road with Bleeding Through, Oceano, and more.

I had the chance to ask Johnny some questions

Boston Pete Rock: I have heard the band’s name, Winds of Plague”, is based off of something connected to “Unearth”, any truth?

Johnny Plague: yes, it was taken from my favorite song of theirs “Endless.”

BPR: “Resistance” is the bands 4th studio album (1independently released, “A Cold Day In Hell”) due out later this month (Oct 29th) via Century Media, why the name Resistance?

Johnny Plague: With this being our 4th album I personally feel it is time for a rebirth of sorts for WOP. We almost got comfortable with where we were as musicians and as a band so with this new album, will come a new band. One night I was driving home late from work and was really having this inner battle of where I wanted to see the band go and I stopped at a local gas station. I walked inside and I saw this card board cut out of the villain “Bane” from the latest Batman movie and for whatever reason it really got the gears turning in my head. I decided I would re construct my image in the vein of this powerful figure and take to the stage not to perform but to command the masses. I would lead the resistance against the society that has rejected us.

BPR: How was the recording process for “Resistance” different then previous albums?

Johnny Plague: Besides recording with our new drummer Brandon, I’d say the only real difference was working with producer Will Putney. He really helped us organize our material before actually starting the recording process.

BPR: Have you chosen first track to release? If so, what can you tell me about it?

Johnny Plague: We just released the intro track “Open The Gates Of Hell” in a music video form. The lyrics are inspired by the “actual” words that are believed to be inscribed on the gates of Hell. The music is heavy, accompanied by a intricate and detailed orchestration.

BPR: What can fans expect different from this album compared to previous releases?

Johnny Plague: it’s the next step in the ever so evolving WOP sound. It’s different but we didn’t and will never abandon our signature sound of beauty and chaos.

BPR: Not a lot of so called “Death-Core” bands incorporate symphonic elements into their music, my questions is why did you chose to go that route?

Johnny Plague: When we decided to heavily pursue this band we asked ourselves how can we stand out from the vast pack of new bands. Orchestration was our answer.

BPR: Now that you are about to drop a new album, that means time to hit the road to promote it. Do you have anything special planned for the tour with Bleeding Through, Oceano, and Sworn In?

Johnny Plague: As mentioned before you will see a new WOP. The same intense live show, but a tad more theatrics.

BPR: Do you have any advice for new bands trying to make it, about life on the road and tips you have learned that you wish you knew before hand?

Johnny Plague: Never approach a band as a business. Treat it like a hobby and if it is meant to be it will turn itself into a business but even then take a light approach.

Winds of Plague “Say Hello To The Undertaker” song premiere


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  • Jonathan “Johnny Plague” Cooke – vocals 
  • Nick Piunno – rhythm guitar 
  • Nick Eash – lead guitar (2003–present) 
  • Andrew Glover – bass guitar 
  • Alana Potocnik – keyboards 
  • Brandon Galindo – drums  
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