Interview with John Kevill of Warbringer

Boston Pete Rock: I was looking around before I wrote these questions and I came across that Century Media was not even at the show to check you guys out, but they were there for another band. How did it make you feel that they ended up signing you guys instead?

John Kevill- Feels good! It was a big surprise for us at the time, we were just getting on our feet and starting to play shows. Very cool how far we’ve been able to take the band since!

BPR: What can you tell us about the LA music scene coming up?

John Kevill: The LA music scene that we come from is really cool, and seemed to be in a formative stage as we got the band going. There were bands like us, Merciless Death, Bonded by Blood, Exmortus, Fueled by Fire, and many more, and exciting shows going on where people flipped out and dudes played fast. Its a pretty bad ass music scene.

BPR: LA / Cali area is known, like Florida, for their trash metal bands. Did that put any pressure on you to try to stand out from the rest?

John Kevill: I’d say so, but we are just the kind of people that are always going to try to progress what we do the next step from wherever it was before. I think every album shows part of a much more distinct sound and style than “new band playing old school thrash”, there’s a lot of different songs with different elements in our albums. We’ve always tried to be our own band, just for its own sake really.

Boston Pete Rock: “Wabringer IV: Empires Collapse” will be the band’s 4th studio album, but I believe this will be the first one with the current line up?

John Kevill: Yes! Excited for everyone to hear it, the current line up worked together really well and made a very strong and interesting metal album I think.

Boston Pete Rock: How was the writing process?

John Kevill: Was fun for this, similar to how we’ve always done it. There’s this constant idea-stew going on, and every practice someone is bringing some new song or major idea to the table, and we hammer it out over the next weeks, and all the new stuff from the last practice just sort of simmers in your brain until the next one. New good ideas come at random and unexpected times.

Boston Pete Rock: What can fans expected differently from “Warbringer IV: Empires Collapse” as compared to “Worlds Torn Asunder”?

John Kevill: The songwriting is a little more varied and unconventional on the new one, I’d say a lot of it is also a logical next step for some of the things we were doing on the last record. Also there is more melody on the new record, more lead guitar in general. In a very fist raising heavy metal kind of way.

BPR: What can you tell us about the song, “Hunter Seeker”>

John Kevill: It’s one of the later songs we made for the record. Carlos went home and wrote it after he heard me saying that we needed more fast and brutal material for the record, and I guess he agreed, because its a really savage tune. But it also has a pretty cool mid section with some great leads that is a lot more progressive. The theme of the song is a feeling of paranoia because of surveillance, the feeling of always being watched. It ties into the NSA’s spying on civilians today, which has horrifying implications for the future.

BPR: Now that the album is coming out, means time to hit the road. What do you like and dislike about touring?

John Kevill: I dislike the drives, and its hard on your body and mind. I love getting on stage and playing our music and hanging out with all kinds of people at the shows.

BPR: What advice would you give a new band that is just starting to hit the road outside their home base? Especially something you wish you knew before hand.

John Kevill: Don’t do it unless there’s a benefit. Touring and playing shows has high costs, if you have to go get 5 guys and their gear to 6 or 7 hours away, everyone needs to eat, need a place to sleep, etc, make sure you don’t drop all that money into it if only 15 people are gonna see you play. Same theory goes for pay-to play. Early shows for a band are a necessary investment, but make wise ones that will fufill the intended purpose of getting your band on stage in front of a bunch of potential new fans. Also, before doing that, make sure to cut your teeth on whatever local dive bars are around, shows that don’t cost anything to do, do a good deal of those to get your band tight and up to fighting shape before investing in anything extensive, higher profile, or out of town.

BPR: A little self plug for myself, I did an article recently to help promote your release. Here is the link:

John Kevill: Killer! Thanks man

BPR: I like to thank you for taking the time to do this. Is there any last thing you like to say to the fans about anything (Album, Touring, etc)?

John Kevill: Thanks to all you guys for the continued support! Check out the new album Warbringer IV: Empires Collapse, play it loud! See you all out on the highway.

“IV: Empires Collapse” track listing:

01. Horizon

02. The Turning Of The Gears

03. One Dimension

04. Hunter-Seeker

05. Black Sun, Black Moon

06. Scars Remain

07. Dying Light

08. Iron City

09. Leviathan

10. Off With Their Heads!


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