Interview with Alex Milovic from Northlane & World Tour Dates

K: You know I have to start by asking about it-The “beef” with Volumes was hilarious – how’d that whole thing come about? You guys totally won that, by the way.

A: I don’t think there was a winner or a loser. We were watching a roast with Justin Bieber and thought that it might be a good idea to do that with Volumes as some fun just before we announced our co-headliner. Needless to say it had the internet in shambles!

K: It seems like some fans on both sides really took it seriously. Are there any that stood out as extra funny or WAY over the top?

A:Honestly, they all were pretty out there. I had a good laugh at a few of them but I can’t really pick a comment or quote off the top of my head. Maybe CJ from Thy Art is Murder had the best comment, Something about it reminded him of two special kids trying to say their ABC’s.

K: So is Northlane > Volumes?

A:We love Volumes – there is no greater or lesser band. Both are equals.

K: The new album, Node, is fantastic and performing really well. How does the writing and recording process work for you guys?

A:Our Guitarist Jon will come up with an idea/section for a song then build it from there, once he is finished writing said song we all go away learn our parts and add our own little flavours to it. This is typically the way Northlane has been from day one.

K: Marcus seems to be working out and fitting in really well- what does he bring that’s different from what Adrian brought?

A: As you might hear in node, Marcus’s strong suit is his clean vocals, as well as being an amazing screamer. Although Adrian was a great screamer he didn’t quite have the singing skill set that we have achieved by having Marcus in our band.

K: Are there any differences between touring America vs Australia vs Europe?

A: Of course, Australia is home for us so it always is a special time touring at home. Europe and America are quite similar yet very different at the same time. We find that in some places of the States and Europe people have really gotten what we are about and in other places they’re slowly still trying to get on board. Either way, any place in the world we get to travel and tour is amazing all in their own respective rights.

K: You guys, In Hearts Wake, I Killed The Prom Queen, Parkway Drive, Amity Affliction, Capture the Crown, King Parrot- Why’s Australia such a hotbed of metalcore right now?

A: This is a question that I feel is brought up quite a bit. I think it is because we are so far from the rest of the world, bands from Australia really have to do something special and different to be noticed in such a huge music scene and the bands you have said have all done that in one way or another.

K: Metal seems to do so much better on the charts in Australia that in the US- is it that there’s less crappy pop music, or do Australians just appreciate metal more?

A: There are some amazing pop artists in Australia but I just think that we are such a smaller country compared to the US, meaning that even the smaller part metal fans have a bigger voice than in the US, if that makes sense!

K: What bands are you guys listening to?
A: The Story So Far

K: Aside from your current road brethren who would be on the road with you on your dream tour?
A: Any tour that would have Karnivool, Underoath, Deftones or Tool would be amazing.

K: What does 2016 hold for Northlane? More touring? A new album? Joining the Festival circuit?

A: More touring as always, hopefully joining the festival circuit, we haven’t even thought about new music so definitely no new albums haha

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Jon – Guitar Josh – Guitar Alex – Bass Nic – Drums Marcus – Vocals 

Interview by Kevin Bergin. Arranged by Boston Pete

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