GEARS recently released their “Pride Before The Fall” EP

Lyric Video for the first single, Face Down, from the EP “Pride Comes Before The Fall”.

 Their new EP “Pride Comes Before The Fall” is available now on iTunes. The EP was written by Corey Lowery & GEARS, produced, mixed, & engineered by Corey Lowery, and mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse. The lyric video was created by James Shomo.

In June 2015, Wooten and Six teamed with Corey Lowery (Saint AsoniaStuck MojoStereomudDark New Day) and Troy Mclawhorn (Evanescence,SeetherDark New Day) on their new EP Pride Comes Before the Fall.

Face Down is a song about how people tend to portray themselves a certain way in social media, when often they’re quite the opposite. It’s about that moment when someone breaks down, takes to social media for a rant, but when the smoke clears and cooler heads prevail, try to erase the evidence and return to that fake portrayal. We all know people like this. - Jimmy Wooten (Drums)

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Band Lineup:
Trip 6-Vocals
Jimmy Wooten-Drums
Chris Dorame-Bass
Bobby Thomas-Guitars

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