SHADOW OF A DOUBT: Great, Fresh, Heavy Music From a RI Band Delivers On Their EP: “MIRRORS”


review by Maze Matthews: Accompanied Promo Photo of the band Shadow of A Doubt.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT is a band from Rhode Island, consisting of young musicians with diverse yet collaborative talents, which weld together high energy and brutal sounds that appeal to a wide range audience of the many sub-genres of metal.

Their first EP, MIRRORS, offers a diverse collection of tracks, which features songs with horror and sometimes tongue in cheek lyrics and song titles, guitar riffs reminiscent of 90′s sound (think Gilby Clark, Pantera & Metallica) yet are as fresh as familiar sounds of current bands (such as Black Dahlia Murder and Slipknot).

Recorded at NO BOUNDARIES studios, MIRRORS is an EP that begs the listener to want more, for there is no filler on this release.  Stand out tracks are BLOODY MARY, SICKNESS & GREED and BLEACH, containing many tracks complete with gang vocals, Joey Jordison-type drumming, slick yet heavy guitar work with exceptional undertow bass lines.

It’s great to witness such fine metal coming from Rhode Island by five hungry musicians that offer face-melting music that is both suitable for head banging and as a soundtrack to create the most brutal of mosh pits.

These boys have the goods of staying power and should not be overlooked.  Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this EP.  I assure you that their music will become high rotation on your music player!

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The Verdict


The Good: No filler, great production and an EP you will want to put on replay on your music player

The Bad: Nothing except for the fact it’s only 6 songs leading you wanting for more.