SEPTEMBER SKY–Indianapolis Rockers Releases new Six Song EP “Letter To Fear”

Review By Maze Matthews of Maze Matthews Metal Webvision

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September Sky is a band out of Indianapolis, IN.  Their 2nd release, LETTER TO FEAR, offers heavy yet radio friendly-type rock.  The EP’s opening song, THE FIGHT, features a mixture of Black Label Society-type guitar riffs and the album’s title track LETTER TO FEAR has a bit of an Alice in Chains feel.  As for the majority of the band’s sound, it is  reminiscent of 90′s Metallica, Shinedown and later Drowning Pool releases–Mainly with the band’s melodies and vocal styling.

The guitars are crisp and offer much versatility throughout the EP, along with great time keeping by the drummer and bass lines that match the music well.

The best track on the EP is FAVORED.  The vocals are best here and is a great musical journey with much feeling flowing throughout the track.  If radio got a hold of this song, it would sure to be a hit!



Like most EPs, there is no filler here, and the band brings to the table a top notch rock release.  The EP’s mix and production rivals anything released by major labels.

September Sky is very impressive and  offers familiar sounds, yet makes them their own musically and lyrically.  Their songs are catchy, memorable and would be likable by many listeners of the hard rock/metal genre.

Too bad the band is all away out in Indianapolis.  I would love to catch them live.  Hopefully, a larger act will tour my area and will consider bringing September Sky along with them on the road as a supporting act, thus, bringing them to a RI/MA venue to perform.  Until then, I’ll enjoy what they have to offer on this well-crafted EP.

September Sky is:

Scott Bernhardt – Vocals
Larry Craig – Guitar
Mark Lentz – Lead Guitar
Martin Baker – Drums
Tobias Konnersman – Bass

Find out more about the band via the web:




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