Pistol Shot Gypsy is “Better Late Than Never”

Pistol Shot Gypsy is “Better Late Than Never”

Half a decade has past since Pistol Shot Gypsy has released an album. Their new LP titled "Better Late Than Never" is a complete 180 from their debut album "Smoking, Drinking, Fighting", with a new drummer and guitarist to boot!

64223_10151406726059735_2098582186_nAfter releasing their debut album “Smoking, Drinking, Fighting” and taking the local scene here in the New England music scene close to 5 years ago, Pistol Shot Gypsy has re-banded with a new lead guitarist and drummer with 7 brand new songs and 1one that has been re-recorded known as “Luv Junky”.

With a powerful Rock-n-Roll feel that has not been delivered since the early days of AC/DC, Queensryche, Tool and the other great writers of late 80s early 90s, Pistol Shot Gypsy brings to the table an original sound that is unmatched by any of the cookie cutter bands currently out there.

CD CoverWith drummer Stevie “Boombots”, bringing it home and not having any trouble setting the pace for the rest of the band, he brings a richness and uniqueness to each and every song. With James on bass bringing it in, he matches with Stevie in a harmonious rhythm beat by beat and note for note he also brings. Throw into the mix Ron on vocals with his dynamic range and ingenious story telling lyrics you would think that would be enough but we haven’t even thrown in the guitar players yet! With Jeff and Steve on guitars this truly is an album made for the true music lover at heart.

The album Better Late Than Never brings a lot to the table. With my favorite song titled “Joke”, it is a story that I am sure everyone can relate to. Everyone will relate to this song in a different way but it is basically about a poser, a bully in the sense that thinks that they are all that. How one man’s passion for something will not be stepped on and joked about. Ron sounds pure and dedicated to the song Joke and crushes the others that are faking it.

Pistol Shot GypsyWith other tracks titled Lousy, Stix & Stones and God’s Own Hand, the tempo changes from song to song and it does not getting boring. For a sample of what to expect, head on over to the OFFICIAL Pistol Shot Gypsy Blog page. There are lyrics and song samples to following along with. A full track of Luv Junky can be found by clicking here.

This is truly an album that you can play over and over again and not get sick of it for quite some time! Pistol Shot Gypsy has really grown up in the past half decade and they will be performing live on Saturday, June 22 at The Met in Pawtucket, RI for their CD release party. Performing with Echos of Petra, Dog Day Afternoon and Michael Spaulding this will truly be a night to remember.


01. Rockstar
02. Evil Lovin’ Woman
03. Joke
04. Lousy
05. Stix & Stones
06. God’s Own Hand
07. Hey Man
08. Luv Junky







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The Verdict


The Good: With a rock-n-roll feel and the dynamic range of front man, Ron Travis, Pistol Shot Gypsy brings a story telling kinda of vibe to the music scene. There are slow songs and fast songs and song in between that will keep your attention.

The Bad: I hate this section of the review. Focusing on people’s short comings is just not right. Perhaps the only bad I have to say about this album is that it is an 8 song album and that I had to wait 5 years to hear new material!