By: Maze Matthews of Maze Matthews Metal Webvision

(Photo: “Maze Matthews” with current Metal Blade Artist, Travis Ryan–Vocalist for the Band Cattle Decapitation).


After 30 plus years, Metal Blade Records has offered the world some of the best musical releases in the genre of metal music.  From their early offerings of such bands as Bitch, Cannibal Corpse and Dark Funeral to current artists such as Aeon, The Ocean Collective and Cattle Decapitation, Metal Blade has been a label which has had a great appeal to both musicians and fans alike.

Started by Brian Slagel–the label began with a by a fan for the fans mentality–To try to get the music and word out on many talents in the metal community that seemed to be overlooked.  Slagel did this first by releasing a compilation album of the many bands he enjoyed back in the day such as Ratt and Metallica.

With the label’s early beginnings working out of a garage along with offering the freedom of creativity to their artists, Metal Blade has given the metal community top-notch music on a grass roots level–A true accomplishment for an independent label.

What I personally like and have most respected about Metal Blade is that for all the years of their existence, they have signed and took chances on so many bands that larger record labels may never have touched.  If it wasn’t for Metal Blade being so easy-going with their chosen bands to express their musical diversity and avant garde approaches to music, we may all have missed out on many bands that now have stood the test of time and are now staples in the musical genre.  Metal Blade seems to respect an artist’s creativity, style and presentation.

Metal Blade still shines through as a grass roots DIY entity, offering bands flexibility on their art.  I also feel Metal Blade sells it’s music at reasonable prices–Especially when it comes to their current vinyl releases and special bundle packages, which helps to continue to get the music sold and not to gouge the metal fans.

I am glad to see that Metal Blade has grown to such success and are now known as a reputable international success story in the world of metal music.  To me, Metal Blade really seems to work with and care about their artists and it shows through many of their band’s musical releases and tours.

Metal Blade is a record label I am always proud to purchase product from and has been a great go-to resource to check out both classic and new metal artists.

I wish Metal Blade the best and another 30 plus years of success.






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The Verdict


The Good: A great label that has been an asset to the metal community for 30 plus years! Providing us still with great metal music from such bands as Cattle Decapitation, Black Dahlia Murder, WhiteChapel, Aeon, Unearth, The Ocean Collective and more!

The Bad: Nothing! It’s all good!!!