KRIEG-BLUE MIASMA: Cream of the Crop Black Metal

Black/Death Metal At It's Best by Krieg

A review by Maze Matthews
Krieg- Blue Miasma (Forever Plagued Records)


I will go out on a limb and say that Krieg’s Blue Miasma is one of the BEST death/black metal albums I have obtained in a long time: and if you give it a listen, you should surely agree with me!

The album was recorded in 2005, but remastered in 2013, sighting the linear notes that it is now a “proper sonic and aeathetic version” of the album.

The 13 track recording does sound fresh yet as classic as anything released by such artists as Mayhem and venom.

The album takes the listener onto great melodic arcs by offering up songs that dive into a fine mixture of doom, black, death and speed metal–all genres that are executed well by both its songwriting and musicians intact.

The guitar and bass are given a great mix-complimenting each other well. The bass drum is a fine foundation to all the songs along with the rest of the mixing highlighting the drummer’s precision and fills to each track–regardless of the song’s tempo.

Every song stands perfectly on its own, yet all were put into a favorable sequence to make this an album you won’t want to stop listening to until its done. The album contains no filler or tracks you would want to skip.

If you want a death/black metal CD in your collection that you can go back to over and over now and for years to come, I say puck up this masterpiece by Krieg.

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The Verdict


The Good: Great songs, great mix! Though I feel every song is a gem, These, to me, are stand out tracks: “Under the Uncaring Moon”, “The Sick Winds Stir The Cold Dawn”, “Every Wound Burned”.

The Bad: Nothing!