Brad Russell: Accomplished Bassist Releases “Let’s Hear It” EP

 brad-digital-nation-cropA review by Maze Matthews.  Accompanied Photo: Artwork of the Brad Russell release “Let’s Hear It.”

Brad Russell is an accomplished musician.  Known for his exceptional bass work, Russell has played in the orchestra of such Broadway shows as JERSEY BOYS & ROCK OF AGES, has been a featured player on albums by Rick Derringer, and is now an asset bassist working with the amazing guitarist, Gary Hoey.

Russell has recently released a six song EP on Steve Via’s label (Digital Nations) entitled LET’S HEAR IT.  The EP features contributions by another great guitarist, Joe Satriani.

The EP is chuck full of top-notch musicianship, leading the listener on an instrumental rock voyage that’s pleasing from start to finish.  Three of the best tracks on the release are the EP’s opener, SEVEN SHRED, Russell’s spin on Michael Jackson’s BEAT IT, with an updated arrangement, and shines on a heavy, yet sonic, track called ZATTACK.

Going for quality vs. quantity, Russell delivers on this EP.–With experimental sounds and innovative songs that rival the likes of his musical partners, Hoey and Satriani.

If you enjoy listening to instrumental rock, “Let’s Hear It” is a great EP to add you your music collection.

I look forward to hearing more music like this from Russell–Hopefully with future releases that may feature guest appearances by Via and Hoey themselves!

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