ACTOR/OBSERVER releases new EP “Circular Mill”




A review by MAZE MATTHEWS/Photo A: Live shot of Actor/Observer, when they performed at the Met in Pawtucket, RI on Sunday, August 11, 2013 (photo by Maze Matthews)/Photo B: Album art of Actor/Observer’s “Circular Mill”


Massachusetts has been a beacon for heavy metal & hard core in its presentations of the genre for over the past ten years.  From such bands as Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, Bane and Vanna, the quality of music and diversity seems to never stop coming from the state.  One of these bands that have come to the table with their great offerings is ACTOR/OBSERVER–With their new five song EP: CIRCULAR MILL.

The band offers a sound with many musical elements.  Throughout this EP, You can hear a little bit of DEFEATER and WE CAME AS ROMANS, yet there’s some early 1980′s alternative-like sounds mirroring THE CURE and SOUXIE & THE BANSHEES found in a few of the tracks guitar melodies.

The drums offer much versatility to the EP’s tracks–Not always going for the typical crash rides found in much of the current genre’s sound, yet there is some tribal elements found in the mix.  There also are some pretty clean and impressive bass lines offered–especially in the EP’s opening track “Deliver Me From Clever Art”.

The vocals are a mix of high clean singing along with the angst found on such offerings like THE CHARIOT.  The lyrics are thought provoking, with a use of mature language expressing such topics of conformity, emotional pain and loss of life–as depicted in the lyrics of the EP’s closing track “Golden Torch”.

The standout track on the EP is “Locus Of Control”.  It’s heavy, earsplitting and vocally is the most brutal.  It’s destined to be a memorable track and a sure crowd pleaser to get the moshing going at any venue.

There is no filler on this EP–And it offers an emotional ark which flows well with the EP’s tracks arrangement.

The EP shows the diversity and talents that lies within ACTOR/OBSERVER.  If they move forward and continue to offer more songs in the vein of “Locus Of Control”, they will sure to be able to gain a large following and staying power as a reputable band from Massachusetts.

Actor|Observer is:
Greg Marquis – Vocals/Guitar
Alex Paul – Guitar/Vocals
Brett Michael Colangelo – Bass/Vocals
Dan Bob Goterch – Drums

ACTOR/OBSERVER’S music can be found on bandcamp:

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The Verdict


The Good: Best tracks: Locus of Control, Golden Torch & Deliver Me From Clever Art.

The Bad: It’s a great EP presenting the diversity of each of the band member’s musical talents, yet would like to hear the band do more songs in the vein of “Locust Of Control” on future releases.