REPLACIRE: Sophisticated Grindcore/Progessive Metal from Boston, MA

Album review by MAZE MATTHEWS; Pictures–Live band photo by MAZE MATTHEWS; Replacire: The Human Burden album art.

Replacire’s debut album, THE HUMAN BURDEN, is by some very talented guys from Boston. Their sound is a great mixture of music reflecting the likes of Cattle Decapitation, yet epic as a brutal Dream Theater with a now-and-then splash of 80′s metal & jazz arrangements.


Replacire’s music takes you on a sonic journey consisting of extraordinary guitar work, featuring top-notch guitar riffs featuring shredding and hammering, smooth yet chunky bass lines and innovated drumming. Vocals are what you would expect, including Dying Fetus-type growls, yet does include some nice, clean vocals–Both offered here by singer, Evan Anderson.


Lyrically, the band delivers words that are poetic, surreal, but not vulgar–which is refreshing. As for the album’s mix, Vocals and instruments are given their respected highlighting within the tracks.

The entire album as a hole is a grand piece of work–with all songs arranged well. I must say, every song on this album is a gem!

It’s amazing to know such fine musicians are from Boston. This band, along with another called Pathogenic, are two of the best bands of this genre I’ve discovered this year.

Replacire are:
Evan Anderson Berry (Vocals)
Eric Alper (Guitar/Backing Vox)
Stephen Pierce (Guitar)
Alex Stallings (Bass)
Blaize Collard (Drums)

Check the band out on the web:

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The Verdict


The Good: The entire album. Artwork is awesome, too!

The Bad: Nothing. A nicely done debut album!