Even The Dead Love A Parade, featuring Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Benton

The Dallas band recently released their new EP via EMP Label Group.

EVEN THE DEAD LOVE A PARADE started out with friends, guitarist Braxton Henry and drummer Clint Litton, decided to go back to their original metal roots of metal. Braxton and Clint started sharing their ideas and riffs for the project with bassist Stevie Benton, better known as the bassist for international Rock band Drowning Pool.

They then added a second guitarist Matt “Mattador” Raffaele to fill out the core of the band.

Stevie states “I thought Matt would be a perfect fit for what we were trying to accomplish. He and I had discussed starting a heavy band in the past, so it was time to join forces and dominate the world.”

After a long search to front the band with no luck the band stumbled on Jordan Condrey.

“After listening to his vocals and reading his lyrics which were dark as fuck, we had found our singer”, added Raffaele

Even The Dead Love A Parade is:
Jordan Condery – Lead vocals
Braxton Henry – Guitars
Matt Raffaele – Guitars
Stevie Benton – Bass
Clint Litton – Drums

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