Deadkill: New LP + Digital Album Out Now (No, Never!)

The first full length from Seattle’s Punk band Deadkill, has already stirred up a whirlwind of buzz and excitement from the blogs and critics around the world in the short time the album, No, Never!”, has been out.  You can buy it here: Click Here

Deadkill - "no, never!" lp

Track List:

1. Orpheus
2. Hoof Polish
3. Banks of the West
4. Ghost Out
5. Kentucky Fried
6. Shakes
7. Guns
8. Kill It Dead
9. Messed Up
10. Border Line
11. Oh God
12. Something Like A War
13. Party Fight
14. The Desert




Members Vocals – Bryan Krieger
Guitar- Kirby C. Johnson
Guitar- Michael stubz
Bass- Michael Loftus
Drums- Shawn Trudeau

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