Gigzealot’s Newest Intern: Caitlin

Caitlin Seddon is a current student at Bridgewater State University, where she studies English with a writing intensive concentration. She also has a minor in management. She recently got a job at BSU’s University News, which encouraged her to pursue an internship at Gigzealot. Here she was given the opportunity to combine her job with something she loves. She is able to research and interview bands that she is interested in.

She adds a different taste to Gigzealot’s website. She really got into the music scene about five years ago, when she attended Warped tour for the first time. This is her favorite event to go to every year.

Caitlin is using this opportunity at Gigzealot to gain experience in the journalist field. She hopes to gain insight on how to interview and compose information she receives. She wants to share news and events that are occurring in the music industry.

You can follow all of Caitlin’s writings HERE

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