ATTILA: About That Life (Video) & Tour Dates

Attila is a metal band that formed in 2005 out of Atlanta, GA. They have released 5 studio albums to date, with their latest release, “About That Life”, reaching number 22 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts marking their highest ranking so far.

“Ultimately,  it’s about everybody having a good time along with them. I want people to smile and enjoy the music,” concludes Chris Fronz. “Music can get you through anything. If you’re having a bad day, play our album and head bang. Start a  party.  Live life!”

Members Chris “Fronz” Fronzak -Vocals- @FRONZ1LLA
Chris Linck -Guitar- @chrisATTILA
Nate Salameh -Guitar- @attilanate
Kalan Blehm -Bass- @kalanAdamb
Sean Heenan -Drums- @AtTiLaSean
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