AT THE GATES launches new video of pre-production for upcoming album, ‘At War With Reality’

AT THE GATES, have announced a comeback studio album with the classic line-up of their latest masterpiece, Slaughter Of The Soul (1995), the anticipation within the scene has been immense. AT THE GATES is now in full pre-production mode and expects to be recording their upcoming album, At War With Reality, in June/July with a tentative release in October/November 2014 via Century Media Records worldwide.

Date Venue Location Tickets
Apr 26 The Metal Fest (Chile)w/ Voivod, Dark Angel Santiago, Chile Tickets
May 17 Festivalw/ Master Trezzo Sull’adda, Italy Tickets
May 23 Maryland Death Festw/ Dark Angel, Immo… Baltimore, MD Tickets
Jul 10 Eistnaflug Fjarðabyggð, Iceland Tickets
Nov 20 Klubi Tampere, Finland Tickets
Nov 21 Lutakko Jyväskylä, Finland Tickets
Nov 22 Nosturi Helsinki, Finland Tickets
Nov 27 Trädgårnw/ Grave, Morbus Chron Goteborg, Sweden Tickets
Nov 28 Arenanw/ Grave, Morbus Chron Stockholm, Sweden Tickets
Nov 29 KBw/ Grave, Morbus Chron Malmö, Sweden Tickets
Dec 04 Forumw/ Triptykon, Morbu… London, United Kingdom Tickets
Dec 05 Academy 2w/ Triptykon, Morbu… Manchester, United Kingdom Tickets
Dec 06 Garagew/ Morbus Chron, Tr… Glasgow, United Kingdom Tickets
Dec 07 Academyw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Birmingham, United Kingdom Tickets
Dec 08 Solusw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Cardiff, United Kingdom Tickets
Dec 10 Turokw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Essen, Germany Tickets
Dec 11 Markthallew/ Triptykon, Morbu… Hamburg, Germany Tickets
Dec 12 Eindhoven Metal Meeting

w/ Triptykon
Eindhoven, Netherlands Tickets
Dec 13 Conne Islandw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Leipzig, Germany Tickets
Dec 14 Arenaw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Wien, Austria Tickets
Dec 16 Kiffw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Aarau, Switzerland Tickets
Dec 17 Backstage Werkw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Munchen, Germany Tickets
Dec 18 Trixw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Antwerpen, Belgium Tickets
Dec 19 Essigfabrikw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Koln, Germany Tickets
Dec 20 Postbahnhofw/ Triptykon, Morbu… Berlin, Germany Tickets
AT THE GATES @ Festivals 2014:
SA 26.04.2014 Santiago (Chile) – The Metal Fest /
SA 17.05.2014 Trezzo Sull’adda (Italy) – Metal Italia /
FR 23.05.2014 Baltimore (USA) – Maryland Death Fest /
TH 10.07.2014 Neskaupstadur (Iceland) – Eistnaflug Festival /

AT THE GATES + Support:
TH 20.11.2014 Tampere (Finland) – Klubi
FR 21.11.2014 Jyväskylä (Finland) – Lutako
SA 22.11.2014 Helsinki (Finland) – Nosturi

TH 27.11.2014  Göteborg (Sweden) – Trägårn
FR 28.11.2014 Stockholm (Sweden) – Arenan
SA 29.11.2014 Malmö (Sweden) – KB

TH 04.12.2014 London (UK) – Forum
FR 05.12.2014 Manchester (UK) – Academy 2
SA 06.12.2014 Glasgow (UK) – Garage
SU 07.12.2014 Birmingham (UK) – Academy
MO 08.12.2014 Cardiff (UK) – Solus
WE 10.12.2014 Essen (Germany) – Turock
TH 11.12.2014 Hamburg (Germany) – Markthalle
FR 12.12.2014 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Eindhoven Metal Meeting
SA 13.12.2014 Leipzig (Germany) – Conne Island
SU 14.12.2014 Wien (Austria) – Arena
TU 16.12.2014 Aarau (Switzerland) – Kiff
WE 17.12.2014 Munich (Germany – Backstage Werk
TH 18.12.2014 Antwerpen (Belgium) – Trix
FR 19.12.2014 Cologne (Germany) – Essigfabrik
SA 20.12.2014 Berlin (Germany) – Postbahnhof

AT THE GATES online:
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