As We Walk – Thicker Than Water Ft. Ryan Kirby (Official Lyric Video)

Jacksonville, North Carolina - North Carolina based Metalcore band As We Walk have released the official lyric video for their track “Thicker Than Water” Featuring Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King.

Screamer David Moore says of the track:

We wrote this song with the memory of my uncle Brent Moore in mind who was killed trying to help a family across a road. However, we would still like for our fans to have the freedom to translate its meaning into something that they could relate to. I think this song as well as the rest of the songs we are working on at the moment are of a higher quality than our previous E.P. and that our fans will appreciate all the work that has gone into them.

David also noted:

We are excited to be going to the studio with Joey Sturgis in June and we are looking forward to seeing what he can do to help us further our music. We all listen to the bands that he has produced and are huge fans of his work, so we believe this is a huge step in the right direction for us.


Connect With As We Walk:

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David Moore - Lead Vocals(screams)
Curtis Martin - Guitar, Synth
Mike Moseid - Bass,
Ian Collins - Drums
Nicholas Tekampe - Clean vocals
Hampton Smith - Guitar/ Beard

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