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•Boston Pete: I liked to thank you for taking the time to speak to us.

Band: Thanks for having us!

•Boston Pete: Can you tell our fans your name and role in the band?

Band: My name’s Fletch, and I play guitar and scream/sing.

•How did you come to being in Arms for Elephants?


Band: I started Arms for Elephants with my cousin Matt who I’ve been playing

bands with since we were 13. We started AFE last year, and it’s been an

amazing adventure so far.

•Boston Pete: Why the name Arms for Elephants?

Band: To put it simply-Arms refers to protection, as in “firearms”. Elephants

refers to something that’s vulnerable/defenseless. When we first thought if it, we had no idea what it meant…but it just made sense after a while.

•Boston Pete: How is the music scene in Minnesota?

Band: It’s pretty incredible; we have a really thriving punk, metal, alternative scene. Overall it’s not what it used to be, but I think the bands are better than ever…I’m biased, of course because I’m talking about my friends.

•Boston Pete: You will be releasing “My Judas Scene” next month. What can you tell us about title of the album and what we can expect from the

Band: This album is extremely personal and honest, so we had to put a lot of ourselves into it. It’s also our first full length CD, so it’s extremely exciting just to be able to hear and share what we’ve been working on for the last year. Through the process of developing our sound, we’re all really happy with how it ended up and we intend to only progress more from here. The title “My Judas Scene” refers to a “scene” or moment when you realize you’ve reached the end of your rope. Obviously this means something different for everyone, rather it be depression, addiction, anxiety etc. The album gravitates around those concepts and dealing with them by facing them head on…hopefully making for music that is therapeutic for anyone.

•Boston Pete: What was the writing process for the album, “My Judas Scene”?

Band: We wrote the album through the process of recording, so every song had a chance to bloom into something somewhat unplanned. It’s completely organic in that sense. That’s a perk of recording everything yourself, you don’t have the time pressures of a traditional studio.

•Boston Pete: What got you into playing music?

Band: We’ve always loved music, and I think it’s been a dream of all of ours from a very young age. My brother listened to all of the bands on Tooth & Nail Records when I was growing up, so a lot of the 90′s punk and hardcore coming out of that label played a huge part in driving my cousin’s and my hunger to play

•Boston Pete: What bands do you hope to play or tour with some day?

Band: There are so many bands that would amazing to tour with. A few that come to mind are Underoath, Silverstein, Emery, and Memphis May Fire. As it is at the moment, we’re overjoyed just to tour with our friends. We know some really amazing local talent including Sleep Signals, Cold Kingdom, Imagine the Silence

•Boston Pete: Any tour plans you can talk about?

Band: We just got done with “The Influence of Motion Tour” with our friends in Sleep Signals, which was a blast. We don’t have any set in stone plans for future tours yet, though we plan on touring in the spring and summer of 2016 as well as playing as many festivals as we can.

•Boston Pete: Where can people find you online?

Band: and,

We’re currently working on getting our instagram and twitter up to date and in regular use as well. Our official website is currently being designed, and will be

•Boston Pete: Again thank you for taking the time do talk to us.

Band: Thanks for having us!


Fletch Archerd – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Matt Evans – Lead Vocals/Guitar,

Derek Greenfield – Drums Tom Schreiner – Bass

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