Arms For Elephants Exclusive Interview

Arms For Elephants Exclusive 

Hey guys, how’s it going?  

Great, thanks for having us!

You recently dropped a lyric video for “The Laws That Guide My Feet”. Care to tell us about this track?

We think of it as kind of an anthem for the lost and broken, so that alone sets this track apart for us. One reason why it was chosen as the first single is because it encapsulates our overall sound really well. Also, it has a lot of dynamics both lyrically and instrumentally, and has probably the most memorable hook on the album.

So are you a “Christian band”?  

We are Christians, but we deliberately chose not to identify or label ourselves as a “Christian band”. Obviously there are a lot of Christian themes in our music, but the issues we address-depression, addiction, etc.-are universal. We want our music to be therapeutic for anyone and everyone, not just people who happen to share our faith. Christian musicians want to help people who aren’t Christians, right? But how many Non-Christians listen to Christian radio or go to Christian concerts? A lot of them probably feel alienated in those types of environments, and that’s not okay…hence, we don’t want to label ourselves in a way that draws a separating line between us and the people we want to reach.

Tell us more about your lyrics, and how they are meant to resonate in our hearts-  

 Most of our lyrics revolve around pretty dark and personal subject matter. Addiction, Anxiety, depression, and anger are things pretty much anyone can relate to. Even if someone completely rejects the faith we write about, they can hopefully walk away from these songs knowing that they’re worth more than the things that tie them down. We all have struggles, and we want people to know that they can overcome those things rather than be defined by them.

You also have your debut album coming out next week! Tell us about the album-  

This album is extremely personal and honest, so we had to put a lot of ourselves into it. It’s also our first full length CD, so it’s extremely exciting just to be able to hear and share what we’ve been working on for the last year. Through the process of developing our sound, we’re all really happy with how it ended up and we intend to only progress more from here. Some of our main influences are Underoath, Anberlin, Conditions, Saosin, and Silverstein…and I think that shows in some ways. But we don’t follow a formula and we don’t copy any other band’s formula/s. I think because of that we’re developing a truly unique sound, and that should be every musician’s goal. I say that, because I don’t think it is every musician’s goal. As for our peers who share the same mindset, I have only respect for you.

Any touring plans for this fall or early 2016?  

We just finished “The Influence of Motion Tour” with fellow Minnesota band Sleep Signals. After our CD release shows, we’re going to be focusing on writing/recording for a few months. Next year we plan on doing some touring in the spring and summer, as well as festivals in the summer…thought nothing is set in stone as of yet.


What is the bands biggest goal for right now? 

We would love to continue recording and touring as long as we can and build a career from this. Ultimately our biggest goal is to keep doing what we’re doing and help as many people as we can as well as inspire other people to keep following their dreams.


Awesome! We look forward to hearing your debut album, “My Judas Scene” and seeing you out on the road. Best of luck 

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