Alternative, Pop-punk band ARIA by Caitlin Seddon

Article by Caitlin Seddon / Arranged by Boston Pete Rock

ARIA is an alternative, pop-punk band, which formed when Bianca Dyrland moved from her hometown of Saskatoon, Canada to Buffalo, New York.

ARIA explains the circumstances that formed their band. “Our band came together 4 years ago when Bianca sang over one of our instrumental tracks on YouTube,” said Anthony Todorov

The members of ARIA feel that alternative rock is apart of who they are. “We’ve always been into alt rock, and heavier stuff, and scouring the internet looking for new bands nobody has ever heard of, that’s just how we are,” said Anthony Todorov

The hard working band has just finished their first full-length album and is expected to release in the near future.

The band is dedicated to their fans, and hopes to inspire them. “We’d like fans to know that we’re there for them, a lot of our music is about hardships and struggles, and finding a way to stay positive and keep pushing forward,” said Anthony Todorov

Get their EP Abandon on iTunes and check out their official music videos on YouTube, On My Own and Purgatory.

ARIA is:

Bianca Dyrland- Vocals

John Runkle- Drums

Anthony Todorov- Guitar

 ON-LINE: Twitter / Merch / Facebook


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