9ELECTRIC Reveal Video for “Beautiful”

New Album, The Damaged Ones, Out Now via Century Media

To learn more about suicide prevention, or if you are feeling depressed and are in need of help, visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org. For tips on how you can join the fight against cancer and to learn more about research, visit www.cancer.gov.

“Through my lens, I watched as [Miki] purged her frustration and so much sadness. I filmed her standing face-to-face with her fears, face-to-face with her own mortality… and in the darkest parts of the shoot I was reminded of how far I’d come through my own battles with alcohol. There was so much of this production that was therapy for us both, and I was blown away by the process… This video isn’t just about cancer. It’s also about addiction, and it is about losing oneself,” explains Ron Underwood

In her statement, Miki Black adds, “I have been a fan and friend of 9ELECTRIC for years, and Mikey [Lopez, guitarist], was actually my roommate throughout part of my battle with cancer. When he first approached me about the “Beautiful” video, he just wanted to hear my thoughts about how “real” the treatment read. I opened the email, began reading it and couldn’t even get halfway through. The content hit so close to home that I couldn’t face it… but I actually found myself feeling really comfortable about the video. Why? Because I realized that my journey ended the exact opposite as the girl in the video – but it could have ended just like hers.”

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“The Damaged Ones”: https://youtu.be/Rhuxl_uXAm8
Ron Underwood – Vocals
Mikey Lopez – Guitar
Micah Electric – Drums/Programming
Ginny Eck – Bass/Violin
9ELECTRIC online:
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